Working Conference at Lisbon March 2006

  12. March: Working Conference in Lisbon completed. APAU, the Ultralight Assosiation of Portugal, hosted a well arranged conference with 25 delegates from European member countries this week-end at Hotel Roma. Two new member countries, Bulgaria and Finland, were accepted and welcomed by the present delegates. They were not represented at the meeting, but are expected to be so at the General Conference in London in October. See "Dates and Activities"

The most essential item was giving a proper mandate to the Working Group MDM.032, to be held at EASA premises in Köln next week. The issue is primarily to protect the current microlight definition in Annex II to EU regulation 1592/2002, and secondly to seek a way to create a new class above or beside the above "Annex II", that could be benefitial to our members.

EMF is also involved in Licensing issues, Airspace, Transponder policy, mutually recognition of each country's licenses and permit to fly. There are still countries in Europe that does not recognise another European country's domestic microlight approval, and some that charge money for issuing a permit to fly through their air space for foreign microlights. EMF has taken on the work of informing the concerned administrations about the common practice in order to contribute in clearing out such differences.

The Board: Vice Presidents Rieteke van Luijt and Jan Fridrich, President Dominique Mereuze and Secretary & Treasurer Keith Negal.

The German delegates, Dr. Ulrich Rudiger, Rainer Hüls, Wolfgang Lintl and Jo Konrad

Delegates from Italy, France and Belgium.

Chat during the coffie break: Roger Holm (NO), Jan Fridrich (CZ), Philippe Tisserant (FR) and Flavio Giacosa (IT)

First time in an EMF meeting for the Greek delegates: Fanis Flerianos and Nikos Makrakis

The EMF members of the working group MDM.032 from left Bertrand Taddei (FR) and Jan Fridrich (CZ). Jo Konrad (DULV-DE) will represent the international AOPA during the EASA meeting

Keith Negal (UK) and Tomas Backman (SE and CIMA President) during a chat at the Saturday dinner.

The Hosts, Jacqueline Costa and Paulo Lemos were thanked for the successful arrangement by the president of EMF Dominique Mereuze and Vice President Rieteke van Luijt.

More info from the presentations follow:

The BMAA (UK) accident statistics (Keith Negal)

The EASA MDM.032 Working Group

The French analysis presentet (Bertrand Taddei)

A new suggestion presented by Jo Konrad.