Tannkosh 2006 and 30th anniversary of Tannheim Airfield


From July 14th - 16th 2006, this year's "Tannkosh"-Fly-In will take place in Tannheim. Like in the previous years, the emphasis lays on hosting a great get together of pilots and airplanes and last but not least the party, organized by pilots for pilots.

We, the Tannkosh Team, will do whatever it takes to make this event become the highlight of your flying season 2006. We are looking forward to every single aircraft that lands at Tannheim International, to take part in Tannkosh 2006.

We are especially proud to welcome numerous rarities that have confirmed their participation, so everybody will be able to take a closer look at those beauties and talk to the owner.

Please go to the news section of www.tannkosh.com for more details and information about participating aircraft.

Sequence of events:

Arrivals: Landing at Tannheim will be no problem before the 14th of July (Weather permitting) If possible, it would be best if you make it to the home of Tannkosh on or before July 14th.

On Saturday the 15th lots of flying displays will take place, which might lead to delays for arriving aircraft, nevertheless nobody will be rejected. So we would appreciate it if you could land before noon on Saturday.

To avoid dangerous situations please bring extra fuel for an extra turn in holding, especially if you have a longer trip.

To reduce the delays we and our tower team are planning to implement slot times to expedite landing of arriving aircraft for Saturday afternoon. We will publish changes about arrival procedures (e.g. slot times aso) and other important information in the news section. Please make sure to check them regularly on www.tannkosh.com

14th July 06 Party on and around the airfield, lots of airplanes to admire, and the four pretty girls from "Saxess" will be give you a swinging welcome, we'll sit in the warm July sun while all pilots can have a beer, long talks and even more fun. The Renegade Cowboys and the famous “very cool” piano-duo “Take-Two” will get you high J

15th July 06: Lot's of flying displays, interviews with participants, information for pilots.

20:00 "Rock in the Hangar" with last years band “Life Brothers” from Austria is playing for you, you can dance or just enjoy the music while having a drink in our cocktail bar. The perfect background for international pilot-talksJ xcellent food will be provided by "Laupheimer Catering Service". (yes, drinks too!)

00:00 The Midnight firework is designed to inspire you and will definitely not be the end of the party.
History of Tannheim Airfield:
On July 16th, 1976, Max and Helga Dolderer, the founders, celebrated the inauguration of Tannheim airport as a public airfield with lots of friends (and their four little children). After more than two years of hard work, tons of paperwork and bureaucratic hurdles their dream became reality.

Tannheim airport is one of the very few public airfields in Germany which are family-owned and operated. It all started in the early 70’s, when Max Dolderer got his pilot’s license, training on a Piper Cub, and fell in love with flying. He was a farmer back then, and already well aquainted with hard work and deprivation, and found his thoughts and dreams going airborne more and more. He subsequently put his whole existence on the line, poured every ounce of energy and willpower as well as everything he owned into his dream of creating an airport that would be home for lots of pilots and airplanes. He wanted to create a special atmosphere, giving the pilots the kind of service and care that would make them feel at home, as part of a big family. This is the spirit in which this place is still run, and Max and Helga still live right on the airport, operate the restaurant and give every student pilot, aviator and all friends of aviation a warm welcome.

The special atmosphere and quite a number of activities and parties are what has made this airport well known all over Germany and across many borders.

In 1982 a flight school was added to the family business. It, too, has grown and become well known over the years. Hundreds of students have been trained to fly all kinds of airplanes, motorgliders, gliders and ultralights. Verena and Matthias Dolderer, both of whom grew up at the airport, lead the the flight school and flight operations since 1994 and have vowed to preserve and continue their parents’ visions and dreams.

History of the TANNKOSH-FLY-IN
Tannheim Airport is the cradle of ultralight-flying in Germany. We were the first public airport who permitted ultralights to be operated on the field, in fact we invited them to come and fly with us. In 1982, we founded the first German Ultralight-Flying-School. Ever since that time the number of ultralight-pilots have grown considerably, we are now the home base for 40 Ultralights.

In 1993, we invited all the ultralight-pilots we knew to come to our first UL-Fly-In. Quite a few of them came. We had great fun, everybody showing off their airplanes, flying a lot, and sitting around a campfire in the evening grilling sausages and singing along with a very gifted aviator playing guitarJ

The UL-FLY-IN then became a very popular yearly event. More and more pilots came to visit us every year. In 1995 about 50 airplanes came to the Fly-In. Back then we used to organise joint trips to other airfields, all of us together, in several formations, grouped according to airspeed. This became increasingly difficult with the growing number of visitors and eventually was not possible any more. So we decided we should present the pilots with some entertainment at our own airfield where everyone is part of the show.

Why did the UL-FLY-IN not stay purely ultralight?

Because lots of friends and pilots flying everything that has wings, including lots of rare and special airplanes, have just joined the party over the years! And we’re happy they did!

All of us here in Tannheim have always been open for all types of flying and welcome all kinds of pilots. Originally, we have invited the ultralight pilots to a meeting place when many airfields were not open to UL’s, and they thanked us for it by coming together here in Tannheim in ever growing numbers! But by now the ultralight scene has long been integrated into general aviation. Now the diversity of the different types of airplanes makes the meeting even more attractive for everyone.

Some numbers:
1998: appx. 100 airplanes
1999: appx. 200 airplanes
2000: appx. 150 airplanes (date postponed due to bad weather)
2001: appx.. 300 airplanes (great! and we figured we couldn’t beat that!)
2002: appx. 400 airplanes
2003: appx. 550 airplanes
2004: appx. 780 airplanes
2005: appx. 850 airplanes
2006: expecting more than 1.000 airplanes

Looking back, 2003 was a great year for us: for the first time we jumped the 500-mark: about 550 visiting airplanes, including of course at least a crew of two in most of the them, made this Fly-In a magical one.

The magic mood was enhanced by all the cheerful pilots in high spirits from all over Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, England, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic and France. Everyone immensely enjoyed the visit of a record number of classic vintage aircraft, many beautiful biplanes, aerobatic aircraft and several Warbirds (e.g. the Flying Bulls’ F4U Corsair, several T-6, Stearmans, Stampe, Tigermoth, Bückers, 10 YAKS, Pitts, Eagles, Diabolo, Antonov AN-2, PZL 106- one of the last types in airworthy condition-, 15 parachute jumpers, Base jumper Hannes Arch, and last but by no means least the world aerobatic champion Mr. Klaus Schrodt and the world class aerobatic Mr. Gyro Frank Versteegh – all of whom contributed to a truly grand and exciting spontaneous airshow!

All of them flew great formations or solo displays, and all of them are friends who just enjoy to come to our parties – and to perform for an enthusiastic audience.

This was the year one great reporter of a German aviation magazine renamed our FLY-IN: “TANNKOSH” was created by him, a combination of TANNheim and OSHkosh, and we were of course very proud of our new “nickname” and took the hint!

The FLY-IN grew bigger every year – and so did our team of pilots and friends helping us during several days of Action. All of them call Tannheim their home base, most of them are part of our flight school (students, pilots, instructors, and their families) or have their aircraft based here. Many have been part of the TANNKOSH-Crew for several years now and they deserve a big praise since it wouldn’t be possible without them and they are enthusiastic, hard-working and absolutely marvellous.

Over the years several Meetings inside our Fly–In have developed, like the already in itself legendary Renegade-Meeting. Other aircraft-builders and companies (e.g. Zodiak, Rans, Dallach-Faszination, Cosmos, and now also Diamond Aircraft and Lancair) use the FLY-IN to arrange a get together of customers, friends and interested parties, which made the numbers of participating pilots grow again.

In recent years, quite a number of beautifully restored vintage cars, motor cycles and tractors have visited us during the FLY-IN – what a fantastic addition to the vintage airplanes and the colourful flightline!

The already famous parties on the evening of the FLY-IN have reached somewhat of a cult status. The flying band High – Flight as well as other “special acts” have had people dancing on the tables and having a great time for years now. First-Class-Catering, the midnight fireworks and our very own Pilots Bar also make this event special. We can truly say our “Rock in the Hangar” is the platform for a lively and international communication and understanding between aviators.

So now TANNKOSH has become a yearly cult event for pilots from all over Europe, who take to the air and come to Tannheim to be part of the party.

And because of them, this event has become the biggest Fly-In in Germany, or even Europe. Come and fly with us!!!

Info for Pilots.
Good news for pilots arriving/departing from/to Non-Schengen-Countries:

From July 13th until July 17th pilots from abroad can come directly to Tannheim and also return home without having to land at an airport of entry. Customs will be available here for the duration of the Fly-In. We are glad that we could arrange this for you with the authorities.

We do, however, need some information from you before arrival. Please fill out the customs form, (which you can download on www.tannkosh.com) and return it to us by email or fax. We ask all pilots to comply, so we can satisfy the requirements of the customs officials and offer this service again next year.

This does NOT relieve you from filing a flight plan. Please make sure you close your flight plan upon arrival in Tannheim. If you don't have a mobile please contact our crew in the Red Bull tent which is our welcoming tent. They can close your flight plan.

PLEASE: Before your departure to Tannheim, please make sure you check the latest TANNKOSH-NOTAM on our website www.tannkosh.com to re-check the newest information’s for your arrival.

for the Tannkosh-Fly-IN July 14th until 16th 2006

Here's some information which is designed to further safety during the Fly-In. All participating pilots please help us by adhering to the following principles:

A.N.C. (Aviate – Navigate – Communicate)

Safety first! Fly your aircraft! Fun for Aviation – fly safely

More and more pilots already arrive on Friday. On the day before the Fly-In it's usually a bit quieter in the airspace around Tannheim, therefor the approach will be more relaxed. Pilots arriving on Friday can look forward to a surpriseJ

There are no landing fees for participants of the Fly-In. Avgas, Mogas and motor oil are available.

All flight crews approaching Tannheim Airspace PLEASE LOOK OUT!!! See and avoid, you can expect a very high traffic volume. And please, during busy times, follow the instructions of our tower crew, if unable please report, do not fly close to the limits, especially watch your airspeed when following another aircraft in the pattern or on final! For your own safety please keep a sufficient distance from the plane ahead and please, please do not risk a stall or unsafe situations – if in doubt GO AROUND and inform the tower.

For your information: Tannheim is of course an uncontrolled airfield, but during the Fly-In we'll have 3 professionals on the radio who will coordinate traffic.

We ask all pilots to please enter the traffic pattern on the downwind leg, watch out for other traffic, extend the downwind if necessary, fly a safe and disciplined approach. You'll find the approach plate in the download section.

On frequency 122,825 MHz (Tannheim Info) we ask you to make short and precise radio calls to avoid blocking the frequency for long intervals. Please set the frequency well before reaching the field, the runway in use and wind information will be transmitted regularly. Please, all pilots make sure you don't block the frequency with a stuck mike!!!

Radio calls:
- NO initial call!
- only report call sign, type of aircraft, place of departure
- for confirmations of messages received please use abbreviated call sign (e.g. "AL-09"for confirming runway in use)

- only from the north please, during high traffic situations no direct approaches will be possible

- if you arrive from the south, please circumnavigate Tannheim airfield in a good distance (due to aerobatics etc. over the field and so not to fly through the pattern in the wrong direction) and then enter the downwind leg from the north. Should you arrive during an aishow sequence you will be asked to hold north of the field. We plan to establish two different "holding areas", one in the northwest for faster airplanes, one in the northeast for slow airplanes. This way the aircraft will have similar approach speeds, and they will be called in to land at different times from the holdings.

- TPA: 2700 ft for most aircraft, including fast ultralights

- TPA: 2300 ft (and closer to the field, our ultralight pattern) is reserved ONLY for slow ultralights, e.g. Trikes , C-22 etc.

- please do not overfly the field below 5000 ft MSL during the airshow. And no entry into the pattern from above.

- report ready for departure when ready immediately, take off only after "clearance" from tower

- during the "hot phase": Take- Off according to flag – signals (from a person near taxi holding position), in this case no radio calls necessary.

- we appreciate your assistance, and please do not allow yourself to get rushed! Safety first.

Urgent or emergency situations have priority. In case of a problem please report immediately, all other pilots please keep the frequency open and remain silent, we will call you when you can continue approach. In case of an emergency you might be asked to divert to a nearby airfield, please watch your fuel situation!

After touch down, please leave the runway as soon as speed permits. If unable report immediately! There will be aircraft on final behind you. Tannheim ATC will usually tell you to vacate to the left or to the right, after leaving the runway please watch out for our flightline crew in red T-shirts, with orange flags, they will direct you to your parking place and will help you push back the airplane (please bring a tow bar if needed).

PLEASE, all arriving crews, DO NOT walk onto the taxiways or the runway! There will be 3 line taxis constantly driving around the whole airport, passing all parking positions, who will pick you up and take you to our welcoming tent.

ALL PILOTS who will participate in the airshow please stop by the welcoming tent, our ladies there will direct you to our “airshow – coordinators” Matthias Dolderer and Eddy Fischer. You will need a briefing, and we need to fulfill the requirements of the authorities, and we will plan fixed times for the airshow so that the approaching traffic doesn't have to hold for too long.

Many crews will traditionally set up a tent under (or near) the wing, and bring sleeping bags. If you would like to reserve a hotel room you will find a list of hotels in the area on www.tannkosh.com

A shuttle bus is available for transport to and from the hotel. It will charge 3,00 € per person, per transport.

If you reserve a hotel room please book it under the remark "TANNKOSH" and send us an email at which hotel you have made a reservation and for how many people so we can make sure your hotel is included on the shuttle route.


Tannheimer Flieger- und Freizeitzentrum GmbH
Flugplatz, 88459 Tannheim

Verena Dolderer, Matthias Dolderer

Phone: +49 8395 1244
Fax +49 8395 93137

Email: info@tannkosh.com
Web: www.tannkosh.com