EMF meeting in Madrid, 8 - 9th March 2008

13. March 2008

European Microlight Federation (EMF) had its annual working conference in Madrid last week-end. Delegates from all over Europe are represented and the purpose of the meeting is to influence on a better future regulation under EASA, a new class og heavier aircrafts and mutual acceptance amongst the countries so there will be less problems crossing the national borders.

The presentations at the meeting can be downloaded here:

 - The EMF president Dominique Mereuze, opening address (PPT)
 - FFPLUM accidents 2007 (PDF)
 - FFPLUM accidents 1995 - 2008 (PDF)
 - Louis Bergers presentation. Technical matters. (PPT)
 - Information on radios with 8.33 kHz frequency spacing (PPT)
 - ICAO english language proficiency standard (PTT)

Photos: Jacqueline Costa


Louis Berger and his wife (Belgium).      The Madrid host Yago with the always jolly good fellow Paul (IR)