EMF meeting in Oslo this week-end

European Microlight Federeation (EMF) has its annual working conference in Oslo this week-end. Delegates from all over Europe are represented and the purpose of the meeting is a better match in the regulation and mutial recognition amongst the countries so that it will be few or no hurdles in crossing the national borders.

Another goal of EMF is to work with agencies and members of the European Parliament in order to enable an increase in the MTOM for micro- og ultralights so that they can be fully utilised for the purpose they are intended. There could be several ways to obtain that, and one option is to create an european parallel to the american Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). A suggestion for an ELA up to 600 kgs MTOM exists, but there seems to be a long way until it can be realised. Another direction is to change the 1592/2001 Annex II item e so it can describe a heavier weight, and there has also been taken action in that direction.

However, as virtually all of the represented european countries could agree on the first road towards the target, it is was quite clear during the discussions that there are different opinions about the latter way to proceed. The meeting will try to make a conclusion of what should be the best way to continue on this important issue.