The President of EMF informs



Dear Friends

First of all, in the name of the Board of the EMF, I wish you a very happy
Year 2006 and very wonderful flights.

At the beginning of the year 2006, I took stock of the situation of the
EMF actions.

1° - Following the General Conference of Prague, we sent one
mail to the President of the EAS to inform him of the changes occurred
in the Board, the political decisions and resolutions adopted by
the EMF. ( Document I: Letter to Sir John Allison)

2° - J.Fridrich, L.Berger, D.Méreuze, took part in the conference of Cologne
2 and 3 October 2005, organised by EAS and EASA, on the "Part M" for the
recreational aviation. (DOCUMENT II: Report Louis Berger)

Fortunately microlights are not yet directly concerned and the others
federation envy the aircraft’s which are in Annexe II.

3° - The proposal to introduce Licensing and Operation in Regulation 1592 (1st revision of 1592), is contained in Commission’s document COM (20005) 579. It is important to note in that document, the Commission’s intention:
I quote "The Commission considered that ultralight aircraft should perhaps no longer be systematically exempted from common rules, as the performance of some of these aircraft now matches that of light aircraft. It would therefore like work to begin as soon as possible to examine if, and to what extent, certain types of ultralight aircraft should be subject to common rules" Unquote.

This proposal will be submitted to the European Parliament and Council of Ministers during the Austrian Presidency (First half of 2006). It is important to note that Annex II of this document takes into account the 22,5 kg additional weight EMF requested, if the aircraft is equipped with a parachute; helicopters and autogyros. ( Document III: Annex II new text).

Meanwhile, EASA following the request of the Commission (see here above), drafted the terms of Reference (ToR) of a Working Group. These ToR were accepted on 1st December 2005. As requested by EASA, EAS offered one expert from each of its sport/recreational disciplines involved, to take part of this WG.
EMF, as it was decided in Prague last October, proposed two representatives, in order to represent the whole opinions of its members. Those two experts are Bertrand TADDEI and Yan FRIDRICH. (Document IV: Letter to EAS WG nommination ).
The purpose of the WG is I quote: “Propose new concept for regulation of aircraft other than complex motor powered aircraft, used in non-commercial activities and draft the associated NPAs " Unquote.
That means: airworthiness (certification), maintenance, Licensing (Recreational Private Pilot Licence – RPPL)) and Operations.

The range of non complex aircraft, according to Commission’s definitions, goes from aircraft MTOW 5.700 kg, down to...? to be determined by the WG! This future defined range of sport and recreational aviation will probably, in a 3d revised version of 1592, be submitted to European aviation regulation.

The EASA assured me last week that our two candidatures were accepted.
Our representatives will have the role of defending the two resolutions adopted by the General Conference in Prague, contained in our letter to Sir John Allison (Document I)

This Working Group should meet for a first meeting during February.

4° - Our "Project Group" should deliver its first proposals, to us, pretty soon.

5° - For information : Documents V and VI.

Best Regards

For the Board of the EMF,

Dominique Méreuze
President of the EMF